A few decades back studying outside home country was the business of rich, now, its business of rich and brainy. People do globetrotting to earn education, the good education. And when one considers going abroad for study; the United States is considered as ‘Hot Education Destination’.

The US schools, Universities and institutions offer excellent education and training quality. The education received from a US school / college / university department is recognized everywhere in the world. That’s why students from all over the world prefer USA when a foreign degree matters to them. Also the variety of courses offered in US schools / colleges is quite high.

The schools, / colleges, and university institutions in United States attracts students from all around the globe. These schools and institutes not only teach but also help incoming students in various others matters; like getting a tutor, earning scholarships or free-ships and or getting a part time job to meet study expenditures.

Anyone can opt and earn degrees or certificates from US institutions. The International students mainly choose to migrate to US at two stages-

  • After completion of 12 years of schooling or equivalent to earn undergraduate graduate degree; And
  • After completion of 15 years of education or equivalent (i.e. college education) to earn a Graduate Degree.

Your study and stay in USA will be a great experience; you will be able to share your knowledge with best brains, since scholars from all part of the world come here for study or work. You will also fortunate enough to learn about different cultures of the world as you will find communities from different sections of the society within campus.

The USA is leader in newest technologies which originates from its institutions. Stay and study in US means having enriched with latest technological knowledge which will give you an edge over others in real life. Hence a US degree is beneficial in several aspects and preferred over others.

Advantages of Studying in USA

The United States is a most preferred study destination among International students. The advantages of studying in USA are -

Apex Institutions of Learning
The United States has worlds’ top notch institutions. These institutions are leaders in terms of course curriculum and training quality in what they offer.

Infinite Study Choices
The US colleges and university institutes offers numerous study choices.

International Recognition
Humans strive for identity and having a degree from a US institution make you recognized every where

Industrial Training and Research
Learning in an American school means not only confined to classes and attending lectures or doing experiments in the laboratories but also having real industry experience.

Community and Culture
You will find people of America’s very warm and hospitable nature

Familiarity with Technology
The Colleges and Universities in America encourages students to learn newest technologies, no matter in what discipline one has got the admission.

The USA education is flexible. Classes are offered under semester scheme and course is divided into credits. A student can choose how many credits he / she want to earn in a semester or quarter, and what elective and optional classes one has to take.

Campus Life
Since American education is open to all International students, you will make a lot of friends, from all over the world. You will learn a lot about other cultures and communities and enrich your experiences.

Global Vision
The American schools, / colleges, / universities focus on global aspects of education. Students are trained keeping focus on entire human community and not only America. Thus they are prepared better to work and deliver quality services in any part of the world.

Required Tests

  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) - For entry in to Graduate Programs
  • TOEFL/IELTS is used to evaluate the English proficiency for admission to any course.
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required for admission to MBA and other management programs.
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is required for admission in to bachelor level courses
  • Law and Medical schools usually require different exams like LSAT and MCAT


USA Says Yes to IELTS

Over 3,000 institutions and programs in the USA accept IELTS scores as proof of English language skills. Over a million people each year are now using IELTS to open doors throughout the English-speaking world and beyond.

English Proficiency Requirements

  • Preferred TOFEL : 85
  • Preferred IELTS  : 6 bands