The United States is a country that is famous for its natural beauty, its cultural diversity and its world class education and healthcare. It is a country founded by immigrants and represents the idea that all men and women have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Americans are known for their popular culture which is exported all over the world, their technological innovation and their strong love for their country and the principles on which it was founded.

Population: 324,720,797(3rd)

GDP: $17,946,996,000,000 (1st)

GDP per capita: $53,041

Capita: Washington, D.C.

Total Land Mass: 9,833,517km²(3rd)

According to the survey in 2016, housing demand is far greater than the total amount of real estate available during that time. The loan crisis in 2008 is the major cause which leads to that phenomenon.

In the time of subprime crisis, property supply volume exceeds market demand, because of development of new real estate was suspended. In 2011, the American economy recovered, house purchasing became a trend again. But property development suspension leads to an imbalance between supply and demand. The trend from over supply to over demand happened after the crisis. 


Arcadia is located at the San Gabriel Valley, north-east of the Los Angeles airport. It is about 40 minutes from the airport to Arcadia. The climate is mild all year round. It only has two seasons, spring and summer. The peacock is the city emblem of Arcadia because there are many peacocks in the city, so is also called the Peacock Garden. This area has high level teaching resources and top campuses. Education quality is one of California. This city has won the title of the best place to raise a child. 

The Fairview was designed by Bristol American; the design of this mansion looks elegant. It also has the best natural environment and geographic location. The house is orientated facing south and north, it is a duplex villa with: a high level security system, indoor entertainment room, personal cinema and bar. You could also build a swimming pool at the back-yard if needed. The Fairview covers 1570 square meters, the usable floor area is beyond 630 square meters. The mansion consists of 5 rooms and 6 bathrooms. All bedrooms have their own bathroom. The price of the Fairview is only $3,780.000.


The Camino Real is near the Fairview, only one street separates them from each other. So, all of the environments are the same. This property is being built and is due to be finished next month.

It is noteworthy that the culture of this city is different from the other parts of the USA. Arcadia was already become an Asian society, especially the Asian-American. We can see Chinese character everywhere.  Mandarin could be a daily language in use here.The lifestyle of the Arcadia is the same as the Chinese cities except for their public transport. That means you may need a car for your daily transport in this area. 
The designer of the Camino Real is Bristol American as well. It is a duplex villa which has a higher security system. This property has a lift, indoor entertainment room, private cinema and cellar. It covers 1607 square meters, the usable floor area is beyond 620 square meters. This house has 5 rooms and 5.5 bathrooms. Every bedroom has it’s own bathroom. The selling price of this property is $3,780,000.



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